I love to talk about bees! I have spoken at many different clubs about: Products of the hive, Getting started in Beekeeping, Planting for Pollinators, and the Complexity of Honey.  Each presentation lasts about 45 minutes. I will gladly speak at local clubs within East TN, and beyond.  



Have bees taken up residence within a wall or building? Is there a large amount of bees hanging in a tree? I will gladly come remove them as quickly as possible for FREE. Contact me to schedule



 Looking to buy LOCAL honey and hive products? My inventory is always limited, as I only use harvest once per year and source my wax from culled comb or cut outs. Each item is hand made with products from my personal hives. 

Heritage Beekeepers


I am the current president of Heritage Beekeepers of Hawkins County. Since before their founding in 2016, I have either sat on committees or the board. I may be biased, but it is one of the best beekeeping clubs around! 

Click Here for Heritage Beekeepers Website

HONEY Convention


An annual conference for all beekeepers throughout the world, held in East TN every spring. Jay Heselschwerdt along with myself, put together this huge convention that helps educate and unite hundreds of beekeepers of all ages and experience levels.

Come Join the Swarm!

Click Here for the Honey Convention Website