Education and Support for Honey Bees and their stewards

Whether you want to know more about honey bees, need them removed, or have questions

 I am happy to help

My name is Becky Johnson, and I love honey bees! They are extraordinary eusocial creatures, and so much fun. I have been an avid beekeeper for several years. 

I enjoy catching swarms, cutting beehives out of walls or buildings, managing/maintaining several bee yards, creating products from the hive and teaching others about these amazing girls. If it has to do with honey bees or honey, I am there. 

My products are 100% heart and soul straight from the hive. 

Several outyards


I do not move my bees around to pollinate.  I do enjoy traveling to several of my outyards. Currently I have 20ish hives throughout 3 different areas, I am always looking for new opportunities to add honey bees to new areas- If you would like me to bring and maintain hives on your property- please contact me. (TN state law provides coverage of certain liabilities to businesses). 

Honey Tastings


I believe in supporting other beekeepers. I have over 120 LOCAL varieties that I have gathered over the last year and a half to promote other beekeepers and their honey.  My mission is to continue "honey hunting" for years to come and use them to share samplings as an educational tool. Every single hive, every harvest, every season is different. It is amazing the differences in colors and tastes. With notice, I am happy to come and set up a tasting at your event. 

Becky Johnson


Advanced Master Beekeeper TN

Master Gardener TN

EAS Member

ABF Member/Volunteer

TBA Member/Committee Volunteer

Member of 6 local beekeeping clubs

President- Heritage Beekeepers

Co- Owner/Manager- HONEY Convention

Midwest Master Beekeeper

Certified Local Inspector

Multiple Awards-Honey/Hive Products


Traveling Speaker

BEE in touch

Please call or email with any questions, bee removals, or speaking engagements: 423-327-4788

Rogersville, Tennessee, United States